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Description & Overview

Pole dancing is strictly an acrobatic orientated dance discipline and there is absolutely NO NUDITY OR STRIPPING involved.

Pole dancing is a form of performing art, a combination of dancing and acrobatics. It requires significant strength, flexibility, fitness and endurance. Pole dancing tones the body and provides a total body workout, stretching techniques, strength training, fat burning cardio vascular exercise as well as pole tricks, pole moves and fitness training. All our events are strictly non-nude and non-stripping with the focus placed on the artistic and technical skills of the dancer.

We are very proud to say that since 2010 Pole Dance Fitness has been accepeted and recognised a a proper Dance Discipline in it's own right on South African National Level under South African Arts & Culture, and allowed to compete for South African Green & Gold National Federtion Colours alongside all the other already established dance disciplines in South Africa.

Linda Kumm, founder of SAPDFA and owner of Pole Fitness Roodepoort, through a lot of hard work, effort, dedication and believe in her discipline, is singlehandedly responsible for this, an through this great achievement, she took pole dancing in South Africa to the next level. 

South Africa is currently the only country in the world which awards National Colours for Pole Dance Fitness! What a great achievement!

Linda's pole dance Association (SAPDFA), has the exclusive right in hosting of the annual SA Pole Awards, Regionals and S.A. Nationals.

Dance Fitness is NOT recognised as a Sport on National Level in South Africa, but as a Dance Discipline under South African Arts & Culture, and one can only get S.A. National Colours for Pole as a Dance Discipline under South African Arts and Culture through the The South African Pole Dance Fitness Association. 

Pole Dance Fitness has been recognised on South African National Level as a DANCE DISCIPLINE (and NOT as a sport) under South African Arts & Culture since 2010.  Dancers can only get their SA colours for Pole as a DANCE DISCIPLINE  through the Dance Masters Association of South Africa & SAPDFA, and CANNOT at all get Colours for pole as a Sport in South Africa as it is NOT recognised as a sport on National Level. 

SAPDFA supports DMASA (Dance Masters Association of South Africa).

Pole Fitness Roodepoort is:

*  Associated with, and the founder of the South African Pole Dance Fitness Association (SAPDFA) and organisers of the annual Pole Fitness Awards, Regionals and S.A. Nationals.

*  Organisers of the annual National PoleTrix Competition.

*  Organisers of the annual Dancing Divas Pole Fitness Competition Cape Town.

*  Organisers of the annual PoleTrix Free State Regional Competition.  

What to bring with you to class

Water bottle

Small towel 

Public Holidays

There will be no classes on public holidays.

Age Restriction

There is NO age restriction. Any one can do pole dance fitness as a sport as it is a similar sport to gymnastics and acrobatics. And that is exactly what it is, a sport and nothing else, and it contains NO nudity or stripping whatsoever.

If under 18 years of age, parent's/legal guardian's consent will be needed.

Weight Restriction

There is no weight restriction and anyone can do it.

What to wear to classes

Tracksuit pants with hot pants underneath and a t-shirt or spaghetti strap top. 
Please do wear your hot pants as with some of the moves you need your skin to grip with. 
Hot pants and shirts can also be purchased from us.



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